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    Promote safety standardization construction to improve safety management performance

      Xingtai Iron and Steel Corp., Ltd. (Xingtai Steel) in the continuous reform and development, guided by the scientific outlook on development, and always firmly establish a "people-oriented, security and development" concept. Fully implement the" State Council on strengthening enterprise safety in production work notice" spirit, promote the company safety standardization construction, according to the company " education, examination, inspection, rectification of" working guiding principle, strengthen the safety education and training, strengthening the safety consciousness, increase investment on safety, deepen the investigation and risk management, improve the work condition. In order to carry out occupation health and safety management system in order to ensure, to carry out a comprehensive safety standards compliance work, realize post standard, professional standards and enterprise standards, the company safety production level rises apparently, safety management and accident prevention of the increased capacity.

      In safety standardization construction in Xingtai Steel, in accordance with the" Safety Committee of the State Council on the in-depth development of enterprise standardization construction of safety in production guidance" and" enterprise safety production standardization basic standard" (AQ/T9006-2010), developed a sound production safety standards and management system, comprehensive tamp safe production work. In ironmaking, steelmaking, rolling mill, sintering and pelletizing, coking mainly five production process, the realization of all the safety standards of grade two standard, improve the safety management standardization and scientific level, improve the company's production safety accident prevention ability.

      Xingtai Steel consciously perform the main responsibility for production safety, through continuous development of safety standardization construction, begin to establish the long-term mechanism of safety standardization, enhance staff quality, improve the safety of safety equipment levels, improved working conditions, as a long-term fundamental job to catch. In construction of green, harmony, peace Xingtai Steel strategic conception, we will to protect employees health, harmonious enterprise construction as their responsibility, puissant carry out safe production" routine work of catch deepen, basic work bench, innovative work to seek a breakthrough " new conception. Perfect risk prevention and control system, improve occupation health safety management performance.


    Pursuing Environment-friendship , Building Green XINGTAI STEEL

      During the on-going reformation, innovation and development, Xingtai Iron & Steel Corp.,Ltd(Xingtai Steel) undertakes the responsiblity for the society, endeavors to build up harmonious relationship between the industry and the nature, and implements clean production to achieve Win-Win in Environment and Economy in accordance with the environment protection idea of “input green, output activities”. The company pays much attention to the environmental protection and sets up a and Clean production Committee. The committee includes a particular management department to manage all of the environmental protection work in the company, and corresponding management devisions for environmental protection are established in each secondary department, and thus a perfect management system is formed. In addition to optimizing the internal organization, the company establishs and optimizes various regulationss including “Air pollution prevention and control management system”, “Water Pollution prevention and Control Management System”, “Solid waste pollution prevention and control management system”, “Noise pollution prevention and control management system”, “Radioactive Sources management system” and so on. Perfect management organization and the rules and regulations laid a foundation for environmental protection work, guaranteed the successful development of the environmental protection work and realized harmonious development between social, economic and environmental benefit.

      Xingtai Steel invested heavily in environmental treatment To accelerate the environmental treatment, the company built 151 sets of various environmental protection facilities. The matching rate and relative operation rate achieve 100%. The emissions of dust, flue gas, drainage foul and other pollution factors met the national environmental standards.

      In sintering process, Xingtai steel respectively bulit up the following facilities, such as SDA rotating spray desulphurization to achieve standard discharge the waste gas, built up 13 new dust removal facilities to form perfect dust removal system, and built up the sintering closed yard to implement yard closing in a greenhouse.Ten coal storage bunkers were built in the coking process to realize a closed storage of process coal, and, environmental protection facilities including coal charging and coke pushing ground station for dust removal, Ammonia decomposition tower, coking water treatment station and so on were built as supporting facilities. In the steel-making process, the primary and secondary flue gas treatment system of the converter and dedusting and circulating water system of the metal mixer were modified. By the technology of secondary dedusting in converter, the company became the first one which use a converter proccessed with top suction cover and the problem of red smoke over the factory building was solved accordingly. In the stainless steel process, five sets of dedusting facilities to form a perfect dust removal system. In the ironmaking process, the dedusting process was changed from wet dedusting to dry dedusting, thereby dust content in the blast furnace gas was reduced significantly, the quality of the gas was improved and so the dedusting of the gas can be done without water. The flue gas exhausted from the blast furnace iron field and trough region was dedusted and a bag filter system was set up as the supporting facilities. As a result, the flue gas exhausted from the iron field and trough region are treated thoroughly, thereby no red smoke appears upon tapping iron, no dust raises when the material is loaded. In the steel rolling process, walking beam and regenerative reheating furnace which is most advanced in the world are used. With the furnaces, high temperature low oxygen combustion is realized, the life of the Furnace refractories is extended, and nitrogen oxides is reduced. The recycled water meets the quality requirment by replacinging belt deoiling machine with floating oil recovery equipment, a patented product.

      In 2011, Xingtai Iron & Steel Corp,Ltd built a sewage treatment plant to collect the waste water output from all the units which had been treated and met the standard. The waste water was recycled after common treatments such as precipitation, filtration sterilization, etc. and advanced treatments such as ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis and so on.

      Xingtai Steel passed the environmental system certification in 2007, set up a perfect institution for environmental monitoring, and equiped various monitoring instruments such as spectrophotometer, photoelectric analytical balance, all-weather atmospheric continuous monitoring system, the hydrostatic balance flue gas concentration detector, sound level meters, precision pH meter, dust concentration detector, atmospheric sampling, carbon monoxide detector. All the posts of the company are monitored daily, weekly, ten days, monthly, quarterly. Control measures are operated for all the environmental protection facilities. Emergency plans were made for all the suspected environmental pollution region. A perfect check-up system was drafted and an on line monitoring equipment was installed on the wastewater outlet. Surveillance video devices were installed in the steel, iron, coking region to ensure all the pollutants discharging meeting the standard.

      In recent years, 153,000 ㎡ of green area, more than 14,000 trees, 30,060,000 bushes and 26,000 ㎡ of turf were added newly in Xingtai steel. The plantable area of the company is 550,000 ㎡, in which 450,000 ㎡ has been planted. The green ratio reached 81.82%. A “garden-like” enterprise is formed, which has flowers in spring, shadow in summer, fruit in autum and green in winter. Now the flowers looks like brocade, the grass are mattress, sky is blue and water is clear in Xingtai Steel. Blue sky, white cloud, the sunshine and fountains display the modern development of iron and steel enterprises exuberant vigor and vitality of Xingtai Steel.


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