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 Great works, contributions to society

  For implementation the company spirit of Great works, contributions to society, our company actively participates in various public welfare activities and helps poor families in the surrounding villages and towns.

  In recent years, our company contributes to the needed community and disaster area by cooperating with charitable organizations: Xingtai Steel contributes 100,000 Yuan to the CHD children by actively responds to the activity of Rescues the Heart of Province, and contributes 500,000 Yuan to help the Poverty-stricken Areas to improve medical facilities. Besides, our company contributes 300,000 Yuan to the disaster area through Hebei General Charitable Foundation in the Snow Disaster in 2008, contributes 600,000 Yuan to the disaster area in the Wenchuan Earthquake Disaster in 2008, contributes 615,000 Yuan to the cataract patients of the Poverty-stricken Areas of Hebei and contributes 420,000 Yuan to the activity of One Day Contribution of Xingtai.

  Up to present, Xingtai Steel totally contributed 7.2 million Yuan in all kinds of public welfare activities. Xingtai Steel was awarded the humanity service medal of the Red Cross Society of China, the universal love donation prominent contribution award of Xingtai Red Cross and two times of the golden autumn assistance study unit of the Xingtai General labor union and so on.

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