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Xingtai Steel was awarded the title of "Leading Brand of S…

At the "Mysteel China Industrial Wire and Fastener Industry Chain Summit Forum 2018" held in Shanghai, the judging panel selected the "Leading Brand of Steel Mills in China Industrial Wire Rod Industry", which was based on the brand, quality and market feedback of domestic steel mills from 2017 to 2018. Xingtai Steel won this title.

Xingtai Steel was rated as "advanced unit of inion w…

Xingtai Steel was rated as "advanced unit of inion work in 2018" by China Iron and Steel Association.   

Xingtai steel was awarded the title of "National Product A…

Xingtai Steel (main prodict:pure iron,carbon steel,stainless steel,hot rolled ribbed steel bar and bearing steel wire rod of Three Person Brand) was awarded the title of "National Product And Service Quality Integrity Model Enterprises" by China Association for Quality Inspection.

The Three Person Brand and Xingtai Steel Brand of Xingtai …

The Three Person Brand and Xingtai Steel Brand  of Xingtai Steel got the title of  Leading Brand of Quality in National Steel Wire Industry.   

Xingtai Steel was named as "the advanced collectives of en…

In recent years Xingtai Steel adheres to improve environmental management, ensure the continuous investment of environmental protection funds and carry out targeted environmental management work. These activities has greatly improved the company's environment. According to our company's outstanding performance in environmental statistics work, Xingtai Steel was awarded as  "the advanced collectives of environmental statistics work in the iron and steel industry" by China Iron And Steel Association in March, 2018.

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