The spring steel product quality make achievements
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  To improve the quality of the spring steel products and the high-end product market share, wire rod plant established the Company Quality Innovation and Technological Team on Spring Steel Wire to research the surface quality of spring steel wire products in the earlier this year.

  The plant identify the whole process from grinding, heating, rolling, cooling, packaging, transfering process, analyze the essential factors and formulate measures for tackling key problems and meticulous research according to the benchmarking of posco and baosteel. After more than five months of hard research, from the recent production specifications of 14 mm, 16 mm, the spring steel surface defect quantity reduced from 90 / roll to 50 / roll, i.e. defect number reduced by 40% and spring steel research work has made improvements.

  Next, the plant will continue to conduct research from the aspects such as process improvement, standardized operation and equipment improvement on the basis of summarizing the previous experience of practice and the customer feedback. By taking innovation as the breakthrough point, the plant will accelerate the spring steel product quality improvement to conquer the high-end market.

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