Beijing Singu Keller achieved "a-class supplier" of the Volkswagen group
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  A few days ago, Beijing Singu Keller successfully passed the process audit of Volkswagen group, and achieved A level of good grades. Since 2012, as a supplier of Volkswagen group platform, Beijing Singu Keller study hard on the standards and special requirements.  After three times on-site audit guidance of the Volkswagen group auditor and outside training, the management personnel finally familiar with the requirements of the Volkswagen group. Xingu Keller efforts and progress are also recognised by the Volkswagen group auditors in the audit. The auditors raise questions need to be improved problem and praise the good aspects such as the changing management, production management at the same time.

  A-class supplier on behalf of honor and pressure at the same time. Beijing Xingu Keller will improve continuouslly to a higher standard requirements and move on to a better tomorrow.

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