Title:Inquiry Order from Cimexco Industry JSC Vietnam [Hits:0] 2018-10-26 Email:nhan.cimexco@gmai... Nhan Nguyen
Dear Sirs/Madam

I am Nhan - Import-export officer from Cimexco Industry JSC-Vietnam.
We are finding best supplier in Steel field. 
I would like to send our website for your reference: http://www.cimexco.com.vn
I am sending this message to expect to get your contact to work further for our big Inquiry Order of Wire rod and Round bar products.
I look forward to hearing from you soonest.
Thanks and Best regards
Nguyen Nhan (Ms. Nhan)
Import-Export Officer
Cell phone/ Wechat: +84-982102868


Admin reply:

Dear Gabriela:

Thank you for your inquiry ,you can contact our export team,Ms.Zhang

Phone Number:0319-2044222


Title:Global Engineering Exports [Hits:0] 2018-04-25 Email:globalengineering... Hemant

We are looking to import low carbon HB WIRE of 9mm full container on regular basis. 

Please quote your best price C&f price for Mundra/ mumbai port.
Hemant Kumar Aggarwal


Admin reply:

Thanks for your attention . We will arrange for professionals to contact you by email as soon as possible.

Title:FIRST CONTACT / BRAZIL/ 首次聯繫 [Hits:0] 2018-04-18 Email:compras@eleko.com.br Izabella Ribeiro

你有任何其他聯繫方式,以便我們可以更好地交談? Slype?



Good Morning,
My name is Izabella, I work at a metallurgical company in the state of São
Paulo, Brazil.
I talked to you last week, but we could not talk right because of the
different language.
We are looking for new steel suppliers.
We would like to know more about XINGTAI IRON STEEL CORP LTDA.
Can we name a few items with you?
Do you have any other means of contact so we can talk better? Slype?

awaiting return.

Izabella Ribeiro.

Admin reply:



Title:Request for quotation [Hits:0] 2017-09-15 Email:gabriela.ribeiro@... Gabriela Ribeiro

Dear Sir, 

My name is Gabriela and I am purchasing supervisor at Aço Peças, a forjing and machining company located in south of Brazil. Our main business is directed to automotive market, through suplying of Brake pistols, Air Conditioning, Steering and Alternator components, and Shock Absorber Piston Rods. 

Since our products raw materials are mainly steel barrs, we are evaluating feasibility of import those so we would like to request your expertize and request quotation for the following items: 

*SAE 1006 hot rolled or peeled steel barr – diam. 

*SAE 1010 hot rolled or peeledsteel barr – diam. 41,27 mm (monthly volume: 16 ton)


Thank you in advance.

Best regards!



Admin reply:

Dear Gabriela:

Thank you for your inquiry  ,you can contact our export team,Mr.Sun

email: sungood1986@163.com


Title:Wire Rod [Hits:0] 2017-09-07 Email:divyendugupta06@g... Divyendu Gupta
Dear Sir,
We are a wire drawing unit in Agra India. We need wire rod of different sizes and grades. Our quanitites will be in multiple of 25T but at the start we will ask for sample quantity of one container that have one or two coils each of different grades.
1. SAE1008 5.5 mm 
2. SAE1010 10mm
3. SAE1008 7mm
4.SAE1008 8 mm
5. SAE1010/SAE1012 12mm
6. 14mm (Please specify the grades which you make)
7. 15mm(Please specify the grades which you make)
8. 16mm (Please specify the grades which you make)
Once the grades are approved we will buy in container lots.
Please reply and also send the the mill test certificates of the chemical and physical properties of the wire rods.

Admin reply:

Dear Sir:

Please contract this man,Mr sun.he can answer your question

Tel:+86 187 3196 0900

Title:Quotation request [Hits:0] 2017-06-06 Email:nicolas@wackerher... Nicolas Vecchio
Dear Sir/Madam,
We are AYIMIC SRL, we are an important distributor in Argentina.
We are interested in receiving inion about self drilling screws and epdm bonded washer.

Please if you could send us a price list and catalog.

Looking forward to receive your reply.

Best regards.

Nicolas Vecchio

Import Depatment


email: nicolas@wackerherramientas.com.ar

Admin reply:
Dear Sir/Madam,
Thanks  for  your  email
We don't have the production of  self drilling screws.
Xingtai Iron and Steel Corp., Ltd. (Xingtai Steel),  is the largest professionalized high-end special steel wire rod producer  in China.
Title:Mr. [Hits:0] 2017-05-16 Email:sales2@dst-co.com Hamed Ghahari

Dear Sir/Madam,

We DST Co. is an Iranian material supplier are intended to import the carbon steel wire to Iran for Screw manufacturers. In this regards we would like to start a business with your Company able to supply below steel wires/wire rods with good quality and price:

- AISI 1010

- AISI 1018

- AISI 1021 

Therefore, if a/m steel wires/wire rods are in your production range, please let us know to start communication and send you more data/specifications on above mentioned materials.

Looking forward to receive your reply

Best regards

Hamed Ghahari

Sales Director- Devision 2

DST Company

Tel: 0098-9122172831

email: sales2@dst-co.com 


Admin reply:

Tel:+86 187 3196 0900

email: sungood1986@163.com

you can contract this man,Mr sun.he can answer your question

Title:Stainless Wire Rod Purchase [Hits:0] 2017-05-11 Email:ben@dsr.com BEN

Hi, I'm Ben from DSR, one of the largest manufacturers in Republic of Korea.

We'd done business a few years ago, but it didn't last up to date.

So, I was wondering if you could supply us some samples, so that it can be tested.

The items we are looking for are SUS410 & STS wire.

Can I have a price, too?


Best Regards


Admin reply:

Dear sir:

Thanks for your email.

About your order,Please contact Mr Feng by email :

Best regards,


Title:Proprietor [Hits:0] 2017-04-13 Email:tahirandcompany81... Tahir Akram

Dear Sir We are importers and stockists of Stainless Steel wire,Bars and have recd the following inquiry from our customer pls quote your best CFR,Karachi,Pakistan for the following to proceed further. Stainless Steel Wire Rod Cold Rolled and Acid Pickled or Sand Blasted in Aisi 304 having: Dia/MM Quantity/Tons 8.50 20 12.50 20 Regards Tahir and company 81,Nishter Road Lahore,Pakistan

Admin reply:

Dear Sir:

         Thank you for your inquiry ,we have produced 304 stainless steel before ,

but now we donot produce ,we can supply 200 and 400 stainless steel,

if you have any demand about this ,you can contact our  export team,Mr.Sun

email: sungood1986@163.com



Title:Inquiry Pipe [Hits:0] 2017-04-08 Email:claudya.debbie@gm... Claudya Debbie

Dear Mr/Mrs,

This is Claudya Debbie from CV Sejahtera Cipta Nusantara, Indonesia. We have inquiries for items below. Hopefully the items there are in your company.

1. Black pipe sch40 & sch80 (seamles); quantity 1 ton 
2. Stirrup iron 6 sni; quantity 5 tons 
3. Iron stirrup 8 sni; qty 5 tons 
4. Stirrup iron 10 sni; qty 5 tons 
5. Stirrup iron 12 sni; qty 5 tons 
6. Iron screw 13 sni; qty 5 tons 
7. Iron screw 16sni; qty 5 tons 
8. Wire mesh m6; qty 5 tons 
9. Wire mesh m8; qty 5 tons 
10. Wire mesh m10; qty 5 tons 
11. Bondek 0.7mm; qty 5 tons

Please kindly give us the quotation include delivery terms. Looking forward hearing from you.

Warm Regards,

Claudya Debbie R.

Tel:+62254 - 7814163 
MAIL: claudya.debbie@gmail.com 
MAIL: debbie@sejahteracn.com 
Skype: claudya.retnosatuti

Admin reply:

Dear Claudya Debbie R.

Thank you for your inquiry ,

We donot produce Black pipe or wire mash,

only produce wire rod ,If you have any demand about this ,please contact us anytime



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